When I set up the predecessor of this website back in 2005 I really didn’t expect to still be working on it seventeen years later! My initial involvement lasted to 2013 when we completed the transition to the current site based on the WordPress platform and Martin Badham took over as Webmaster. When I returned to the role in December 2021 following Martin’s stroke the end of September seemed so far away. Regrettably, other commitments mean that, as I said at the beginning, my involvement with the website must end on September 30th. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and would like to thank everyone who has supported me by supplying results or sending articles to include on the website. I sincerely hope that the NEC can find a way to continue updating the website for the benefit of members and all those who ride tricycles throughout the world.

Mike Moody


  1. The TA desperately needs a Webmaster. Unless someone from the membership is prepared to come forward then I strongly recommend that we pay someone to do it. The TA has ample finances to cover such an essential role.

    And a hearty vote of THANKS to Mike Moody for reprising his role ?

  2. At the Reunion and AGM, a volunteer was found and progress will be made on both fronts :
    a) if the current site needs any redesign or chnage in ‘architecture’
    b) the regular updating of the site as information is sent in to be published.

    Money may need to be found for (a)
    let’s see how (b) progresses ?

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