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Time Trial League

The Tricyclist’s Time Trial League

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The Time Trial League is an excellent opportunity to get ‘around the regions’ and meet many friends on their home turf. Here’s how it works.

1) The League is open to all members of the TA.

2) There are fifteen counting events, two from each region plus the Circuit of the Dales.

3) Points are 30 for fastest down to 1st for 30th. The winner will be the rider with the most number of points in their ten best results.

4) Six events must be completed to qualify (yellow background).

5) The winner of the competition will be awarded the Tricyclists’ League Trophy.

The counting events are noted as such in the list of time trials at the end of this gazette. Keep an eye on the TA website for the results table as well as the next gazette.

The Tricycle Time Trial League Organizer is responsible for ensuring the collection and collation of the event results, maintaining an updated list of qualifiers and positions throughout the season and providing a final list of qualifiers and positions so that the trophy and certificates can be awarded at the Annual Dinner.

Secretary for the 2019 season is Graham Coulson


2018 Tricycle League Results after 15 events (two of which have been cancelled due to inclement weather and one due to unsafe road condition) 

Ian Pike 145
Malcolm Waters 144
Ian Mackenzie 111
Lez Young 109

Michael Gelder 108

Gavin Hinxman 90
Geoff Booker 82
Chris Hutchinson 78
Richard Bailey 72
Norman Fenn 61
Ian Matthews 61
Mark Vowells 59
Andy Newham 58
Ken Trigger 58
John Thompson 57
Vic Trigger 54
Jim Montgomerie 54
Brian Moore 53
Alexander Birkett 49
Roger Alma 47
Gary Guntrip 44
Peter Holland 40
Dave Hardy 39
Malcom Timmis 35
Bernard Pogson 31
Carl Saint 30
Dennis Hornby 29
Andrew Nye 29
Dan Linstead 29
Andrew McCall 27
Paul Blacker 23
Trevor Oliver 22.
Mark Eastwood 20
Paul Martin 18
Jim Lawley 10

CURRENT POSITION – 9th April 2019

POS’N NAME1 2 3 4* 5 POINTS No of
1st Gary Guntrip302929883
2nd=Geoff Booker30301
2nd=Lez Young30301
2nd=Mark Silver30301
5th=Jim Montgomerie 29291
5th=Ken Trigger29291
7th=Ian Matthews28281
7th=Peter Holland28281
7th=Graham Coulson28281
10th= Malcolm Waters27271
10th=Ian Mackenzie27271
10th=Vic Trigger
13thNorman Fenn26261
14thMalcolm Timmis25251

*Event 4 (Nelson Whrs Circuit of the Dales), there were no trike entries.

Calendar Notes

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