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Tricycle Mileage Charts

Annual award of certificates of mileage covered on a tricycle.


The year starts on the 1st October through to the 30th September of the following year, charts to be sent to the Mileage Chart Organiser as soon as possible after the end of September.

Certificates will be presented at the Annual Reunion for those present or will be sent to claimants.

Mileage Chart Organizer:

Tom Lynch  – Nov 1984 to Oct 1988

John Lewis – Oct 1988 to Oct 2015

Lez Young – Oct 2015 to Oct 2018

Greta Spiers Oct 2018 to date (details on Claim Document)



Graeme R Allen 14,664.00
Edwin Hargreaves 10,818.00
Jim Hopper 10,337.00
Lez Harre-Young 7,303.00
Ron Cotterill 6,189.00
Malcolm Waters 6,072.00
Mark Vowells 3,950.00
Geoff Booker 2,430.00
Martin Badham 1,979.37
Greta Spiers 1,313.25
Liz Booker 1,010.00
John Lewis 759.00


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