It is sad indeed to be reporting the death of Adrian Perkin at the age of 78.

Adrian was one of a group of tricyclists in the early 1960s who belonged to the Godric Cycling Club based in Bungay on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

He joined the TA in 1962 and his first TA open time trial was – rather typically – a 12 hour, the 1964 Eastern 12 in which he covered 215 miles. He was to win in East 12 in 1966, setting a regional tricycle record of 232 miles

In the next decade came marriage, a family and an attempt at living self-sufficiently on a smallholding on the Isle of Anglesey. Walking, marathon running and later rock-climbing featured in his interests.

Adrian was always intensely interested in healthy living and on inheriting his parents house in Loddon he returned to south Norfolk, growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables in the garden and building a mini climbing wall in the garage. He made a return to tricycle racing 2008 – 2011, with a 4:43:38 trike100 a stand-out ride..

However, despite a heart attack in 2014 the call of the wild drew him back to Snowdonia.

Nevertheless he continued to ride his tricycle until just after Christmas 2020 when a missed step on the stairs led to ruptured quadriceps, admission to hospital, covid and internal bleeding.

He was able to return home but was found dead earlier this week with a suspected heart attack.


  1. Roger Ernest Youngs

    I had happy days with Adrian, who encouraged me to take up Tricycling, I had one of the last Higgins racing trikes. A happy helpful soul. Ride on. From Roger ( bimbo)

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