We have news that Alan Richards, who held National RRA records on Single and Tandem Tricycle as well as Single and Tandem Bicycle, died at the end of April when his thatched cottage in Normandy caught fire. He was 72.

Thanks to Martin Purser and John Thompson for advising, and reminding me that I hadn’t posted anything. 



  1. Sad news

    I had been trying to contact him for a while and his telephone was taking messages but he was not calling back.

    I wondered if something had happened to him.

    RIP Alan my friend, we had some fun times on a few Beaujolais Runs.

  2. I’m so shocked to hear of Alan’s death, we were great mates. I wondered why the Christmas cards stopped coming!
    We had such fun, his Mum and Uncle Fred all lived above the original Tower Cycles Corner shop, really lovely people, always made me welcome, though Alan could be a bit awkward with some people, but was really great with me.
    God rest mate!
    Kevin Morley

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