The possibility of a tricycling holiday in the south of Ireland has arisen, building on the tradition of international tricycle challenges in France and Belgium.  Plans are in their early stages, but the dates proposed are the August Bank Holiday, 24-26 August 2019.  The weekend would be essentially social, but it is likely that a short time-trial and possibly an exhibition kermesse could be included, as well as a club run.  We would be sure of a warm welcome.  Our contact in Ireland is a new member, Brendan Hennessy, who lives in Midleton, County Cork.  We need to know whether there is sufficient support and commitment to go ahead with detailed planning.  Please contact Roger Alma by the end of October 2018 if you have a positive interest in the new adventure.  There will be an article by Brendan Hennessy in the Autumn Gazette.

The photograph shows Brendan Hennessy with friends on the Ring of Kerry


  1. If it’s not too late to register an interest in the Ireland trip I do so now. I would use the opportunity to tour other parts of Ireland using our caravan, and would expect to take about a fortnight.

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