The Link Hotel, Loughborough.

Harold Heyworth led a party of tricyclists along the Sustrans route 6 to the café at Breedon on the Hill for afternoon tea. While we chatted the passing clouds anointed the area but the rain had gone in time for the run, largely downhill, back to the hotel. Those of us staying there booked in and, washed and pressed, reunited in the dining room with friends, past and present. One young lady, staying on her own at the hotel, was invited to join the gathering, replacing a guest who couldn’t make it. She was instantly adopted by the throng and seems to have enjoyed herself, I bet she had a good story to tell her student son the following day.

After a jolly good meal, the usual speeches were made before the Guest Speaker, Gordon Taylor delivered another of his riveting talks, illustrated by slides centred around his tricycle tour through central Europe. Gordon then joined Jim Hopper to present the trophies to the worthy winners. Finally we entered the relaxed part of proceedings where we chatted, viewed Martin Purser’s display of photos and generally mardled, as we say in Norfolk, until time to drift off to bed.

The following morning. after breakfast, we assembled for the AGM. National Chairman, Brenda Jackson, was unable to be there, due to husband George’s injuries earlier in the year, so Sid Charlton pre-empted his election and took up the gavel. Running through the early parts of the agenda smoothly before we got to discussing thoughts for celebrating the Association’s 90th Anniversary year in 2018. A Ripley based run similar to that held for the 75th was suggested. The Regions were asked to think about suitable events, the ensuing months will soon fly by.

The next NEC meeting will be held in Alcester on 11th February 2017, the 2017 Reunion Dinner and AGM at the Link Hotel, Loughborough over the weekend of 28/ 29th October.

Amongst Any Other Business, Gordon Taylor asked about an Association Facebook Group and, impressively, created one on his ‘phone during the meeting. It was agreed to run it for a trial period to see how it went. A link to it can be found at the bottom of the website pages, or here.


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