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Item Custodian
NEC and AGM Minutes: National Secretary
Run of the “Bulletin” 1944-1945 (three issues) National Secretary
Run of the “News” 1946-1949 (ten issues) National Secretary
Bound run of the “Gazette” 1950-1996 (four issues a year since 1950) Gazette Editor
Recent Gazettes awaiting binding: Gazette Editor
The Association’s Regalia, comprising:
President’s Badge and Ribbon President
President’s Silver Goblet Presiden
Chairman’s Gavel and Block Chairman
Book of Honour Gazette Editor
Active trophies:
– those awarded each year Prize winners
– those not awarded in any particular year Reg. or Nat. TT Sec.
Redundant trophies:
S.F.Edge only one in this category Coventry Transport Museum
The photo archive: National Captain
Womens’ Tricycle Association Archive National Treasurer
Memorial Seats and Plaques thereon: Existing locations (see list in Handbook)
Plaques from Memorials which no longer exist:
– only Lewis Morris plaques in this category National Secretary

Anyone wishing to see, or in the case of the paper/photographic records to consult, any of the above items can do so by arrangement with the appropriate custodian

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