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Barry Charlton’s accident

Via the Time Trial Forum we learnt Barry Charlton had a severe accident on his bike in Tenerife on 9th July.   Initial reports said his bike was in 4 pieces and a broken leg was being operated on.
Barry left hospital on the 11th July in a wheelchair, but said no bones were broken; he had bad cuts to his legs, one around 7” long and almost down to the bone, together with broken teeth and stitches in his face.   Barry remembers a green car coming around a bend on his side of the road, a thud, and hitting the road!
Barry returned from Tenerife on 17th July and admitted to hospital.   Various tests have shown injuries are worse than initially thought, and he was waiting for a bed in an orthopaedic ward, ahead of a long recovery with intensive physio.
The latest news on 29th July is Barry has a high temperature and still has a lot of pain.
Best Wishes to Barry and Wendy for a full and speedy recovery.
Thanks to Chris Hutchinson for compiling this report.

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