…There are four Regional Lunches at which to talk about your triumphs last season and your plans for next. To meet with like minded individuals and toast the heroes of the previous year. 

The North Eastern Lunch is this coming Sunday (29th January) at the George Hotel, Easingwold. I do not know if they are still accepting bookings if you haven’t yet done so. More details from David Hardy. 

A week later (5th February) is the Eastern Region do at the Manger in Bradfield Combust, the Bishop of St Edmundbury had a residence here until irate locals burnt it down). Your webmaster will be leading an unofficial run from the Manger (9 o’clock start) to a café in Lavenham before leading the official one back to lunch. Bookings (£16.00) to Martin Badham. 

The Midland Regional Lunch (12th February) is the day after the February NEC meeting at the King’s Court Hotel, King’s Coughton. Bookings (£15.50) to Myra Alma by the end of January. 

And before the dogs of racing are unleashed, except in the South Western Region, the Thames Valley Region hold their Annual Luncheon at The Bridgewater Arms, Little Gaddesden on 26th February. Bookings (£22.00) to Chris Hewitt by 12th February. 

Bon Appetit


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