You are probably aware that the Bruce Kingsford 50 mile time trial in May was cancelled.  The meeting of the National Executive Committee decided that our 50 mile championship should not be lost, and so have transferred the title for this year to the Midland Region 50 on Saturday July 10th, this with the agreement of Jim Hopper, the organiser. 

Not having sufficient time to publicise this through normal channels, we decided to email those who have ridden either the Bruce Kingsford 50 or the Midland 50 in recent years, and also those we think may be interested in riding. 

The course is A50/6 which offers the potential for some fast rides; 3 of our riders were inside 2 hours in 2019. 

This event has also become a Time Trial League qualifying event having had the points from the Bruce Kingsford reallocated. 

Note that entry is on paper form only, not through an online CTT account.  Link to the form is   


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