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Bruce Kingsford Weekend 2019

Once again, The Tricycle Association invaded the peaceful village of Astley, to the North-East of Shrewsbury. The Saturday morning club run trundled north to the mysteries of Whixall Moss before returning, some for the National Executive Meeting. In the evening, we were fed by Celia and toasted Jonny Pardoe on his 80th birthday.

Sunday morning dawned bright but windy, but grey clouds soon gathered to grace the competitors in the Bruce Kingsford 50 with showers. At Espley Island, the marshalls found their normal gathering point between duties overtaken by travellers, complete with gypsy caravans and horses and chickens. We turned down the suggestion of purchasing lucky horseshoes to hand up to the riders on their way to Tern Hill. About an hour and 26 miles later, Gavin Hinxman hove into view before returning to Tern Hill and beyond. Lez Young came through next with the rest of the field following in turn. Another hour passed before Gavin was back to head into wind to the finish, recording a time of 2:04:18. Lez managed to scrape inside evens with 2:29:45. Sid Charlton was third with 2:50:12 and winning the Handicap award (1:46:58).

Bank Holiday Monday saw the Anfield Bicycle Club 100 mile TT, with Lez Young once again in action on three wheels, thereby winning the special award for tricyclist’s completing the weekend double. His time in the 100 was 5:51:56. Well done Lez.

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