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Calendar – Please note that currently, following the Coronavirus epidemic “Road Map” issued by HM Government, CTT time-trials are permitted. Other events are subject to current regulations.

North Western Region TTL – Bruce Kingsford TA National Championship‘50’ @ Astley Village Hall
May 30 @ 7:00 am
NEC Meeting @ Email Meeting
Jun 1 @ 9:00 am

This is the calling notice for NEC officer and Regional Secretary reports to the May meeting of the NEC.  Reports received after 24th May will not be included with the agenda. 

Regional Secretaries, please nominate a delegate if you are unable to take part. 

Once again, the meeting will be held by email since indoor gatherings are not allowed.  At least four members of the committee are involved with the Bruce Kingsford event.  If the event is cancelled, then it is reasonable to expect some members to be otherwise away from home for the bank holiday.  Because there will be some major topics on the agenda, it would be better if the maximum number are available to take part.  Therefore, by agreement with the Chairman, 

the meeting will start on Tuesday 1st June. 

The first items on the agenda will be the dinner, AGM and criterium championship event.  These have to be announced in the summer Gazette which has a closing date of 8th June. 



Regional Secretaries – this is the meeting in which the 2022 championship events (10, 25, 50, 100) should be decided.  Please consider your nominations.  Only the intent to promote is needed, date etc can be revealed in the AGM agenda. 

Annual dinner – I hope you have all sent Dave Hardy comments on his questions from the Captain’s report to the February meeting.  This will help him prepare his case to present us with the options.  Preparation is key when we cannot simply discuss things face to face.  A reminder of those questions is set out below: 

  • How many members would you estimate would attend? Our contract with the Link Hotel is for 50 guests attending the Dinner and 30 at the AGM, there is a financial penalty if these numbers are not achieved.  Cancelling the event also incurs a financial penalty if it is our decision to cancel and not cancelled as a result of covid restrictions. 
  • Will there be any prizes to present?
  • Guest of Honour?
  • Increase in the cost of the meal will mean a ticket price of £28.00+ an increase of £3.00
  • What is an acceptable loss on this event?

Note government Covid Step 4 plan – “By Step 4 which will take place no earlier than 21 June, the government hopes to be in a position to remove all legal limits on social contact.” 

President – anticipating an AGM, we should elect a new president this year. 

Summer Gazette – Closing date for Copy
Jun 8 all-day
Mersey Roads Club ’24 hour’ @ D24HR
Jul 17 – Jul 18 all-day
Autumn Gazette – Closing date for Copy
Sep 7 all-day
92nd Annual Reunion and Prize Presentation – Subject to Covid-19 situation @ Link Hotel, Loughbrough
Oct 30 @ 5:30 pm

A booking has been confirmed for the National Dinner, Prize Presentation and AGM for the weekend of the 30th/31st October 2021.

National Annual General Meeting @ Link Hotel, Loughborough
Oct 31 @ 9:30 am

Subject to Covid-19 Regulations at the time. 

Winter Gazette – Closing date for Copy
Nov 16 all-day

Tucann shuts down over Christmas, and the copy date should give time for the work to be completed and the Gazettes distributed early in January.

Articles and photographs, as well as the usual reports, are welcome, but of particular importance is a list of events for the 2015 diary, including the date of the regional AGM. Information for the beginning of the year should be comprehensive. For the later months, an indication of the event will be sufficient, for detail to be completed in later gazettes.

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