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Eastern Region 100 – 16th May 2015

December 19, 2014 // 0 Comments

The North Norfolk Wheelers 100, which has hosted the Tricycle Association (Eastern Region) 100 for the last few years will be run in 2015 by the Tri-Anglia club. They are [...]

All Wrapped Up in Fenland Wool Churches

October 31, 2014 // 0 Comments

We gathered at Worzel’s, a Farm Shop with a huge café set in the Fens, just off the A47. Ferg and I arrived to find Les and Jill unloading their tandem trike from the [...]

Jim Staines

September 14, 2014 // 0 Comments

TA members will sorry to learn that Jim Staines (Mildenhall CC) has died, after a long period of poor heath.  Although in recent years Jim and his wife Vera (who [...]

Roy Prockter’s Interment

July 1, 2014 // 0 Comments

Roy Prockter’s interment will be held on Thursday 10th July at the Woodland Burials ‘Woodlands of Remembrance’  at Wrabness, Essex CO11 2TF at 11:30 am. [...]

Roy Prockter

June 19, 2014 // 0 Comments

We are very sorry to be telling you all that Roy Prockter, the Secretary of the Eastern Region of the TA , died yesterday, 18th June. His wife tells Ferg Muir that he [...]
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