A report from Gavin Hinxman







Four trikes entered the CC Breckland 15, near Norwich last week, all with a desire to set some records for this newly recognised TT distance.

The Lincoln Wheelers fielded a team of three with Andy Newham, Lez Young & Peter Holland.

Gavin Hinxman, Drag2Zero,  was the 4th trike, tackling the distance for the first time on 3 wheels


The weather was hot, the wind offered a little cooling breeze on the return leg.

The road surface was pretty bad with some major pot-holes. Two of the two-wheeled riders both ended up walking following failed bunny hop attempts.


Pete was first to finish with 46.29, despite stopping on the course to retrieve a dropped inner tube

Then came Andy, Andy knowing that if he beat Carl Saint’s mid 36 from the Yorkshire 15 earlier in the year and if Gavin (5 mins behind) didn’t catch him, he could take over the National Record.

And so it was, Andy, new comp record holder with 35.39.

3 mins later, Gavin crossed the line with 33.41 to improve the figure again & collect his first National Record

Lez young completed the distance in 39.27, giving the Lincoln Wheelers a combined time of 2hrs 1min 35s, to establish a new 15 mile team comp record and something that they plan to better later in the year


Photos by Martin Badham, who apologises for missing Lez and Gavin with the camera due to a shortage of hands. 

PS, Competition Records also improved in this event were men’s bicycle solo to Matthew Smith (28:29) and team bicycle to Team Velovelocity (1:33:50) . 


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