Barry Charlton of Swinnerton Cycles is back in Championship laurels. Winning the Jenny Noad Memorial 10 with a time of 23:39 and the Stan Spelling Memorial 25 with 1:00:40.

The next four places of both events went to the same cast:

2. Andy Newham –  Lincoln Wheelers CC – 26:01 & 1:06:59

3. Lez Young – Middlesex RC – 27:36 & 1:13:32

4. Geoff Booker – Oxonian CC – 28:16 & 1:14:20

5. Gary Guntrip – Team Jewson MI Racing – 28:26 & 1:17:48

Handicap medals were won by David Newham, Lincoln Wheelers CC in the Jenny Noad with a Net time of 16:56 and Adrian Hills in the Stan Spelling, Net time of 43:30.

Full Results



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