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Claud Farrar

Claud racing in the 1988 Bernard Wood 25

Sad to report, Claud died last Thursday, 5th September, after a short stay in Kendal hospital. You may remember he served as TA President and also Chairman. His send off – Tuesday 17 Sept 12:30 at Beetham Hall Crematorium  LA7 7BQ near Milnthorpe. Afterwards Crooklands Hotel, Crooklands LA7 7NW, near Kendal.

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  1. Robert Nolan // September 7, 2019 at 4:29 pm // Reply

    Charles Eric Farrar was a great friend for 41 years. Only known as “Claud” to cycling friends. Came about because there was already Charles’ & Eric’s when he started with the South Lancashire Road Club, so needed an easily identified moniker? Guess what frame he was riding??? It stuck, except at home. Miss you already, but your trike will roll on. Bob

  2. Paul Harrison // December 22, 2019 at 6:08 pm // Reply

    I had just come back from an exciting ride to the top of the Asco gorges in Corsica, with high winds, high water and debris on the road from the recent storms. You will all know the pleasant feeling as you sit with a cup of tea after a ride like this. So I quickly descended from being ‘high as a kite’ to a more sober mood upon seeing that ‘Claud’ had passed away.
    ‘CEF’ Farrar was known as Claud amongst his friends in the (now defunct) South Lancashire Road Club (SLRC), though I think that the first initial in his forenames stood for Charles and that Claud came from (you’ve guessed it) the famous make of one his bikes. He was a keen tricyclist, having been president and chairman of the TA (Tricycle Association) and often rode time trials on his trike.
    He was meticulous in many things; even his garage floor had ‘parking bays’ marked on it to show where each cycle should stand. When I built a pair of wheels for him, he made me promise faithfully that I would coat each spoke thread with copper grease to prevent future seizing. He gave me an old giant size Kiwi shoe polish tin filled with ‘Copperslip’ for this purpose and I still have the tin 40+ years on (though I did use the grease as requested).
    Another illustration of how well planned Eric had everything is the ‘sandwich eating’ gloves. We used to do wild roughstuff tours and eat sandwiches in exposed places at lunch time. We would laugh at the immaculate white cotton gloves he would produce to wear whilst eating, but were secretly jealous of him being the only one who’s hands weren’t freezing. It was even rumoured that his modesty led him to wear a special pair of underpants, reserved for the purpose, in youth hostel showers, but I don’t think this was ever actually proven.
    I think relations with his then wife were rather strained. One evening, she asked him what his favourite food was for an evening meal, to which he replied ‘bacon and egg’. I understand that henceforth this meal was put before him with boring regularity.
    Another amusing story of Eric that comes to mind is the episode of an altercation with a lorry driver. The lorry had overtaken him dangerously closely and when Eric caught him up at the next traffic lights he gave the driver a piece of his mind. The lorry driver jumped out of his cab to escalate the dispute, but, as he did so, the cushion he had been sitting on fell off his seat and into a puddle. This made the driver look a bit daft, so he quietly got back into his cab and drove off.
    I think that many old time cyclists will have fond recollections of Eric, especially amongst members of the former SLRC and the TA.

  3. Jeff Bickerton // February 3, 2020 at 10:18 am // Reply

    I’ve only just found out about (Claud) Eric’s passing, I knew him from my time in the South Lancs, as Paul mentioned, Eric was a keen Trike rider who gave me the enthusiasm to buy and ride my own. We lost regular contact when he moved to the Lake District, but met now and again, lastly when the South Lancs was wound up. I will miss him as will many others. RIP Eric.

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