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Congratulations to the flying Lincoln Imps

Congratulations to the Lincoln Wheelers who look to have chopped a big slice off their 15 miles trike team competition record. In the CC Breckland 15 near Attleborough on Wednesday evening Ian Pike finished in 33:42,Andy Newham in 34:09 and Dave Mason in 34:21. I think that comes to a team time of 1:42:12, compared to the record in the CTT Handbook of 1:56:43.

Then on 13th July, riding the TA Midlands Regional event in conjunction with the BDCA 50, the same lads all beat 2 hours for another Competition Record, subject to confirmation. Finishing times were Ian Pike – 1:54:13; Andy Newham – 1:58:28; Dave Mason – 1:58:52.

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