The final consignment of the book, written as a memorial to John Arnold and Albert Crimes, was delivered to us earlier in the week on 12th January. Back orders have now been packed, and posted.

The total charge for the book is £20. 50 (the book, at cost, £15.50 and £5.00 packing  and ‘to be signed for’ postage).

The greyscale ‘A4’ volume has 293 pages in 26 Chapters and 55 Appendices. John Arnold died in 2013, and the original concept of a written memorial to him has developed into the story of John Arnold and Albert Crimes; friends, competitors and comrades of the road. Tricyclists extraordinaire, they were arguably two of the best endurance athletes and cyclists this country has ever produced, with long distance time-trial performances, and Road Record Association records that were decades ahead of their time. Contact Martin Purser if you would like to buy a copy. His contact details are in the Association Members Address List.


  1. No trike household should be without a copy! A labour of love from the pen of one who seems to have been born on a trike.
    Give your postman a hernia, you’ll enjoy it greatly.
    I never met Albert Crimes, but the memory of being with JFA will always stay with me, so modest a man who had more than enough to blow his own trumpet about. Legends both.

  2. Gargantuan amount of work by Martin. A fitting memorial to Albert and John. So much more than a biography. Lots of data and facts, but also a collection of wonderful stories. Unputdownable.

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