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Criterium League 2015

Let it be known that the BHPC have published their programme of events for 2015. We are continuing to base the Criterium League on rides done by members of the Association on an upright tricycle in these events. The events consist of two races, one for faster riders/ machines and one for slower so everyone can participate among vehicles travelling at roughly the same speed. For more details see ‘Criterium League’ under ‘Activities’.


12th April: Hillingdon (Hillingdon Cycle Circuit)10:00;

3rd May: York (York Sports Village)10:00;

24th May: Lee Valley (Olympic Park) 11:00;

13th June: Lancaster (Salt Ayre Sports Centre)10:00;

14th June: Preston (Uclan Sports Arena) 10:00;

12th July: Darley Moor (Darley Moor Motorcycle Club Road Racing Ltd)10:00;

8th August: Fowlmead Country Park 10:00;

9th August: Fowlmead Country Park 10:00;

30th August: Stourport (Stourports Club)10:00;

13th September: Scunthorpe (Quibell Park Stadium) 10:00;

27th September: Curborough (Curborough Sprint Course) 10:00;

18th October: Hillingdon (Hillingdon Cycle Circuit)10:00 Followed by the BHPC AGM;

The venue for the National Championship will be decided at the February NEC meeting 7th February.

3 Comments on Criterium League 2015

  1. Chris Jolliffe // January 8, 2015 at 9:19 pm // Reply

    This is great information for a prospective member of the TA. Where is the TT listing of events, championships, qualifying events etc? Are you still looking for a TT secretary?

    • Martin Badham // January 20, 2015 at 6:57 pm // Reply

      Hi Chris,
      Unfortunately the website, and others on the same server, has been hacked a couple of times and I haven’t been able to update it since early January. Now that I have access again I shall endeavour to bring the event details up to date with reference to the CTT calendar. Currently the post of TT secretary is still vacant, if you are interested please let me know. We have an Executive Meeting in a few weeks time and I will know more after that.


    • Martin Badham // January 20, 2015 at 7:02 pm // Reply

      The Time Trail calendar can be found under ACTIVITIES, TIME TRIALS. I shall organise similar for Championship etc., Une bonne idée.

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