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Day 14

Brushed the frost off the tent this morning. Packed up and away at 7:30. Climbed up out of Sedbergh across the fells to Orton, and Temple Sowerby. Then more climbing and on to Langwathby and Lazonby. Climbing again to a high viewpoint. The Garmin was telling me to go left and clearly showed a road, but there wasn’t one. Went back a little way just in case I missed the turn, but nothing. On closer inspection, it was trying to send me along a bridleway. I carried on for a mile or so and took the next left. That eventually re-joined the route passing through a lovely village, then on to Brampton. Picked up some food there for later. A large groups of cyclists came along and also stopped. Must have been thirty of them on an organized three day ride. Had a chat with them while I downed a pack of mini apple pies?. Liz had looked for camp sites in the area, and I decided to carry on to Longtown where she said a site was not far from there. As it happened I found another 300 yds off the A7.
Black Stig was with me again, so I took another picture of him. He said nothing, just copied me in my every move!?
68 tough miles today. 4560 ft climbed.


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  1. Jim Taverner // May 14, 2016 at 9:19 pm // Reply

    I’ve been admiring your trike Geoff, while following your epic. Seeing as it will most likely be worn out by the time you get back to Oxford, I’d be willing to take it off your hands at a knock down price!
    All the best,

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