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Day 4 and starting pics

Hi Martin
A couple of pictures for you.  Geoff about to launch on his journey.  Note the solar panel pack loaded on the back for boosting charger packs for mobile phone etc, and also – the complete lack of water bottles.  12 minutes after leaving he was back again to collect them!

He Reached Lands End yesterday (Thursday) and today is resting up at a campsite at Treen near Porthcurno, has done some washing and is going to take leisurely stroll along the cliff path to the open air Minack Theatre.

He has some photos to send and some emails but Internet and phone signals are a bit sparse in the area, but they should whizz through eventually!


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  1. jane Moore // May 6, 2016 at 11:52 am // Reply

    I feel so much better about leaving my bottles at a control on the Mildenhall 200k a couple of years ago on my first ride on a trike in the company of the The Master …..oh how small and wet behind the ears I felt as Jim turned around several miles later and went back for them while I was left to contemplate my error at the roadside.

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