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East region 25 , 4th October

The East Region ‘25’ is on the 4th October, 2015, on the E1 25b at 08:00 , Quendon, Essex.
Race HQ: Lea Valley Race HQ. North Hall Road, Ugley, CM22 6JD.
Accommodation at the Lea Valley CC Hut at Burton End , Near The Ash, Essex,  CM24 8UQ
The Hut will be open on Friday , from about 4pm.
On Saturday, if the weather is kind, I will lead a run to Great Chesterford, for the annual Chesterford Steam Up.
Supper will probably be a Chinese take-away or something.
Please bring your own cereals for Sunday Breakfast, with bacon sarnies to be had post race at the Race HQ.
We will supply milk. For those on tricycles, bedding and towels can be booked.
These are the basics, more information later, when I have a better idea of numbers, especially overnighting at the Hut
and Saturday Breakfast.
Contact:  Entries,   Michael Keen, 13 Benn Street, London, E9 5SU.                                                                                                                              Daytime Phone 020 7253 2370  Mobile 07508 666 722
                      e mail

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