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Eastern Region Luncheon 2016

After an evening dining with Adrian Hills at the Manger, I settled into my berth in his camper van and, rocked by Storm Imogen, fell asleep to awake to a glorious morning. Having breakfasted, we were joined by Lez Young, Chris Hutchinson, Pete Holland and Dave Capps. Shortly after 9 we departed to battle into the wind through the lanes to Lavenham. Assembling “Sweetmeats”, a jazz inspired café which boasts an ice cream tricycle with which they service local functions. We were tucking into coffee and crumpets when Jane Moore and Peter Faulks arrived, shortly followed by Mick Madgett, who had had a grueling fight down from Diss. Roger and Callum Akers with Emma Kirby arrived shortly before we were due to depart, but Roger and Emma were in the car, so the rest of us, including Callum, set off to return to the Manger. Unfortunately, the chairman had failed to put sufficient torque on his wheel nuts and the drive wheel began to slide off of the axle as we entered Cockfield. In these days of Longstaff/ Booker axles nobody was carrying a spares track nut so the trailing wheel was robbed of its and provision sought to fasten the trailer to the beast. The fastest postman in the West of London, came to the rescue with a light bungee cord which prevented the wheel moving more than a few millimetres during the last few miles.

By the time we got back most of  the other guests and members were present, so into organiser role while everything settled down. 36 diners sat down to the meal before Chris Hutchinson was presented with his medals from the SE 10 and Lez Young with trophies for our first and last 25 of the season.

And so we look forward to the 2016 season.

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