I am pleased to report that Adrian Hills had a call from Martin today from his hospital. Martin said that he is recovering well and looking forward to getting back to a more normal life. He appreciates that things may be different but is happy to embrace whatever comes.


  1. Well done Martin. It will be good to see you out and about again but I presume you won’t be able to make the Midland TA lunch on 20th February. Best wishes, Edwin

  2. Keep up the good progress young man! As a newly joined member of the “Finger-nail Club, the motley collection of TA members who are defying the exit door, we need you to keep on keeping on.
    We’re all rooting for you, with the expectation of trading face to face barbs.
    Smile on mate. TTTFN Bob Nolan

  3. I was shocked to hear the bad news, Martin. Very happy to hear the optimistic update. Best wishes for the best possible recovery.
    All the best, Harvey.

  4. Emmeline Lambert TV Regional Sec.

    Pleased to hear you are making good progress Martin. Members of the Thames Valley Region send you their best wishes for 2022 and better health.

  5. Well, thankyou dear fellow members. I got home today and am trying to adjust to my return. Given strict instructions to keep off a cycle for a while. Apparently I collapsed while riding a bike with a group of locals cyclists. The guy who was leading us was surprised when the bike and I fell to the left, seeing as there was no effort to catch the ground with my hand/ arm, bruising my head on the ground. As there was a first aid expert in the group and it happened by a house lived in by an ambulance member, and a phone call to the local ambulance to pick me up, I got to hospital in 15 minutes. I was moved to the Norwich lookers after Stroke patients (Beech Ward) after about a week and was treated there. I sort of entered real life on 1st January, although the first few days felt like a dream. After that I progressed to “normality”. Bodily there has been little problem although mentally its been a struggle. My memory is still a bit spacious but I’m close enough to good for the hospital to send me home. My youngest daughter has moved in to keep an eye on me, and there will be regular visits by hospital experts to check that I’m doing well recovering. Thanks again for your reaction.

    1. Hi Martin, I am glad to read your message. Best wishes from Wem and the Midland Region. I am going to the NE Lunch on Sunday at Retford and will pass on the good news.

  6. Hi Martin, so pleased that you are getting better.I was dreaming about Norwich and my cycling buddies a few days ago and found you on fb. I left a friends request…Then I saw the awful news about your stroke…I’m really sorry about my intrusion Bud…It would be great to chat over old times…40 plus years ago!!! We now live in the Philippines enjoying retirement.I don’t cycle anymore but workout/swim almost every day…Coming up to 75 years old next month…How time flies…Take care young man…I’ve put some photos of my lovely family in yr fb messenger…Hopefully we can chat when yr up to it all the very best And a speedy recovery Nev Towse ex Norwich CTC.

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