The Eastern Region of the Tricycle Association open its account for the 2021 season with the spring time trial in memory of Eric Madgett. The organiser, Eric’s son, Mick has his normal collection of events, comprising an Old Skool (Pre 1980 specification) event; a medium gear event and a 2-up event over 25 miles from Bressinham to Thetford and back. All taking place after our tricycle event, the competitors being as follows:

No                   Name                          Club                            Hcp                             Start

1          James Fuller                TA East                                   35.00                           9.01

2          Nicholas Boyd            West Suffolk Whs                   18,00                           9.02

3          Lauren Pike                 Lincoln Whs CC                     13.00                           9.03

4          Mark Vowells             San Fairy Ann CC                    1.30                           9.04

5          Dave Mason                Lincoln Whs CC                       2.00                           9.05

6          Wayne Marks              Tri-Anglia                                11.00                           9.06

7          Sid Charlton                Lincoln Whs CC                     19.00                           9.07

8          Ian Pike                       Lincoln Whs CC                     SCR                           9.08

Event headquarters at Bressingham Village Hall, where only the entrance lobby and toilets will be accessible, due to Covid restrictions.

The startsheet can be downloaded here:


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