Promoted by the South Eastern Region on 10th June. 

Peter Holland won the Fliss Beard Memorial Trophy  with a ride of 6:21:03 on a cold windy morning with long exposed sections into the wind, Handicap (4:41:03); First place on handicap (4:37:36)and second place went to Ian Mackenzie with 6:27:36 . 

Lez Youngs and Gavin Hinxman did not finish, Lez experiencing pain as a result of his thigh injury sustained over the winter, retiring at 55 miles, Gavin puncturing at 85 miles having clocked 1:59:35 at 50 miles and on schedule for a sub 250 minute ride. Hard luck on both of them and Congratulations to Peter and Ian. 


  1. What an enjoyable event run in conjunction with the Kent Cycling Association Mark did a great job as sec for the SETA and providing us as a mobile feeding station and support man.My commiserations to Gavin who was on such a brilliant ride at 50 miles to get a puncture after all his efforts to get what would have been a magneficent win with a great time.

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