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Fliss Beard Memorial 100 mile Time Trial

Ian Pike finished today’s (6th June 2021) 100 in 4-28-55, a great ride.  Unfortunately, Richard Bailey was DNF at 36 miles after having problems with the rough surfaces on parts of the course.  Although they were the only entrants Mark Vowells ran the TA event as a separate event, and Ian wins the Fliss Beard Memorial trophy (although not a medal). 
It was a near perfect morning with warm sunny weather and a slight breeze from the south, helping riders over the final miles.  The event was held on the Q100 (Brenzett, Kent).  I’d be grateful if you would include the result in the Gazette and on the website.  
The course record was broken in the accompanying Kent CA event, by Ross Holland, Saint Piran, with 3-33-52!

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