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Tricycle Association Handbook

How the Handbook is arranged and updated

The printed version of the Handbook is issued in loose leaf format and arranged alphabetically in sections. It is pre-punched ready for inserting into a ring binder or folder of your choice.
The 2020 edition is a complete issue and contains all pages. An update was issued in 2022 with new pages A 1-2 and D 1-6
Pages are numbered within each section and each page shows the year of issue of the page, thus:


Section A                                                              Page A 1                                                            2022 


Please note that sections K and L, the lists of National and Regional Trophies and their winners, will not be updated on an annual basis, but there is space where the winners can be entered up to 2025 when the next full edition reprint will be published. This information will be found on the website (see below).
A full copy of the Updated Handbook as a printable PDF can be downloaded from the link below.
The Members Address List is issued periodically as a separate pamphlet.
Please inform the National Secretary of any corrections or errors which are spotted ~ there are bound to be some!

PDF copy for download: Handbook 2020 with 2022 update

Calendar Notes

For Diary Dates beyond those displayed, in the past or future, click on 'View Calendar', then Events can be filtered according the Category. These accumulate so one can filter for South Western Time Trials by choosing 'South West Event' and 'Time Trial' but remember to close filters down by choosing the Filter again before another filter. Dates in the Past or Future can be accessed by clicking on the '<' or '>' either side of the Month display.