A revised version of Chris Hewitt’s List of Higgins Spares and Sales is viewable on the link available from the “Higgins Axle” or “Link” pages, or by clicking Here.


  1. Hello,
    I have a second hand Jorvic etrike and due to the fact that Jorvic is reluctant or unable to supply me with any replacement parts, I was wondering if you could help.
    The bracket that holds the right rear fender has fallen off.
    I have found someone who is willing to re-weld it back on but I will have to strip down the back axel and remove the bearing on that side.
    While doing this I would like to replace the bearing and the original drum brake with a disc brake.
    Also, the small inserts(key) that fit under the cassette and brake in the axel groove are also required.
    I know this is a difficult time and I hope this finds you and all your associates in good health.
    I will include this video information should you wont to familiarise yourself with the parts of the trike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nd99-zAqho
    Thank you for your attention to this request.
    Kind regards.

    1. Hi Alan,
      The Tricycle Association is not a commercial concern and we do not supply parts. Chris Hewitt has a shop in Harpenden that carries a good deal of spares for tricycles but I do not know if he carries spare parts for Jorvik machines. I’m a bit confused in that the video refers to a Trike bike machine, is this similar to a Jorvik? Maybe one of our members can help you, alternatively I would suggest you put a note on the tricyclist’s forum – https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/on3wheels/index.php – or on our Facebook group: Tricycle Association GB Group.
      I hope that this helps you with your trike.

      Martin Badham (TA Webmaster)

  2. Hi. I have had a nightmare with jovick trike. I paid jovick to assemble my bike. It has been a problem from the start . The company just doesn’t want to help once you have purchased that’s it no help. My bike makes a loud banging sound when I have been on it a few minutes. I have been told it needs to be taken apart as gears move and the shaft into rear brake wheel is bent. Most bike shops won’t entertain trike. They say no room in there workshop for three wheels. I can’t fine anywhere to get parts. I have only use the bike 6 time. £1795 on a bike I can fix or ride.

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