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Appendix – Tricycle Factors

The following table shows known tricycle and tricycle manufacturers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries to date. Whilst it is realised that this list is not fully comprehensive, it is intended as a starting point towards a full and complete record of manufacturers. Any additions or corrections with supporting evidence would be most welcome. These should be sent to the TA Webmaster, so that the copy of this list on the TA website can be updated.

The TA Webmaster would very much appreciate it if the copy arrived in a format that can be uploaded with minimal editing.

Manufacturers of children’s tricycles and recumbent tricycles have not been included, as they are outside the scope of this study.

The manufacturers marked by an asterisk (*) had their own axle design. The other tricycle manufacturers listed used axles supplied by one of these makers, which are either bolted or brazed on to their frame. The following codes indicate whose axles were used:
A = Abingdon;
HB = Harden-Biggs;
H = Higgins;
HK = Hawkins;
HW = Holdsworth;
L = Longstaff;
R = Rogers;
T = Trykit.

The first dates shown are for the years between which the firm was trading. The dates in brackets show the years between which the tricycles and/ or axles were known to have been manufactured.

Manufacturers of tricycles and tricycle axles

Manufacturer Years between which the firm was trading Years between which the tricycles and/ or axles were known to have been manufactured Notes
Abingdon* 1856-to date (1895-1939) Now only making ’King Dick’ tools
Barron* 1980-to date (1983-2000)
Di Blasi* 1974-to date (1974-to date) Folding trike with 20” wheels
Claud Butler 1928-1958 (1930s-1940s) A axles
F W Evans 1922-to date (1930s-1940s) Generally A axles, at least one exists with a H axle in a FW Evans casing.
H E G Ferris 1940s-1950s (1940s-1950s A & H? axles
George Fitt* 1919-1970s (1950s-1970s) Tricycles for disabled
F W Folds* 1935-1959 (1930s-1950s) also A axles
Gillott 1921-1970 (1945-1970) HK and H axles
James Grose 1876-1950s ( ? ) A axles
F.H.Grubb 1914-1951 (1920s-1930s) A axles
Harden/Biggs* 1950s (1950s) axles only
Harding* 1924-1967 (1924-1967) Invalid tricycles/’K-Type’
Hawkins* 1950s (1950s) axles only
Higgins* 1933-1966 (1934-1966)
Hobbs 1930-1953 (1930-1953) A & H axles
Holdsworth* 1928-to date (1935-1975)
Bob Jackson Cycles 1935-to date (1950s-to date) H, R & L axles
James* 1883-1951 (1883-1951) patented 1907
Kendrick* (Wilkins) 1910-c1960s (1914-c1960s) from c1946, owner H.S.Bilbe
Longstaff* 1981 to date (1981-to date)
Mercian 1946 to date (1950s) H axles
Merlin 1918-1950s (1930s-1940s) A Axles
H R Morris 1953-1985 (1953-1985) H & R axles
Norman* 1918-1961 (1935-1950s)
Parker* 1995 to date (1995 to date) Utility tricycles & conversions
Pashley* 1926 to date (1963 to date) Utility tricycles
Paulson* 1983-1985 (1983-1985)
Phillips* 1920s/1950s (1940s-1950s) Utility tricycles
Les Rigden 1980-2004 (1985-1995) HW, H, R & L axles
Rogers* 1967-2005 (1967-1998) Axle as H design
Roberts 1960s to date (1980s-1990s) R axles
Roman Road Cycles* to date (1993 to date) ‘Newton’ K-Type
E R Russ 1930s-1950s? (1930s-1950s?) A axles
F H Scott 1908-1963 (1920s-1950s) A axles
Selbach 1924 – 1939 (1920s-1930s) A axles
Singer* 1874-1928 (1877- ?)
Starley(James)* 1887 Axle patented for his Royal Salvo tricycle
Starley(William)* 1892 Axle patented as used in A axles
E Stephens* 1920s-1956 (1920s-50s) Also A axle
Sunbeam* 1888-1937 (1888-1937)
Swallow* 1981-1990s (1980s)
Jack Taylor 1945-1990 (1957-1990s) H & R axles and own K-Type
Thompson* 1980 – 2004 (1981-1982
TJ Cycles* 1979-to date (1982-1984) ‘Flying-Gate’ frame design
Trykit* 2002 to date Axles with double cassette drive, conversion kits and frame sets.

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