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Listed below are all the known tricycle axle manufacturers to date. Each makers name links to their page as do the links above and at the bottom of the page. We are slowly building up this information and the  AbingdonBarron Harden/BiggsHigginsHoldsworthJamesLongstaffPaulsonRogers,Raleigh,Thompson, TJ Cycles and Trykit axle pages have information on them.

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• Abingdon: late 19th Century – 1950s

• Barron: 1980s / 1990s

• Harden/Biggs: 1950s

• Hawkins: 1950s

• Higgins: late 1930s – 1966

• Holdsworth: 1950s /1960s

• James: 1930

• Jemison: 1989

• Longstaff: 1981 to date

• Parker: 1995 to date

• Pashley: 1980s to date

• Paulson: 1983 – 1985

• Phillips: 1930s/1950s

• Rogers: 1960s – 1990s

• Raleigh: prior to 1906

• Singer and Lea: 1885/1895

• Starley (James): Patented 1877

• Starley (William): Patented 1892

• Swallow: 1980s

• Thompson: 1980 – 1982

• TJ Cycles: 1982 – 1984

• Trykit: 2002 to date

Harding, Kendrick, Higgins (“K” Type), and Newton tricycles have two wheels to the front and thus do not employ an axle.

Over the years many frame manufacturers have brazed or bolted some of the above axles (mainly Abingdon, Holdsworth, Higgins and Rogers) to their own frames to make their own brand of tricycle.
Bob Jackson and Jack Taylor used Higgins and Rogers.
Amongst a great may others, Claud Butler (1938) produced a tricycle incorporating an Abingdon axle.
List by Martin Purser

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