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Axles – Abingdon

The first axle was patented by James Starley, in 1877 for his ‘Royal Salvo Tricycle’. His son, William, improved on this in 1892, and it is this differential that is used in the Abingdon axle. There should be a small brass badge on the ‘housing’ that states ‘Starley’s Patent No 7752 1892‘. Later axles have the brass badge, but it just boldly states ‘Abingdon’.

Martin Purser

A number of galleries of photos of tricycles with Abingdon axles appear on the collectors site I have put links to two below:

Abingdon differential on a restored 1928 racing tricycle.
Abingdon differential on a unrestored 1932 tricycle
both from Marc St Martin Bicycles

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