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Axles – Barron

Barry Barron started BarronJohnand-Ellis-web Cycles in 1980, manufacturing high quality made to measure bicycle and tandem bicycle frames.

The family run business still occupies the same premises on Sturton Road, Stow, near Lincoln.

In 1983 Barry built the first tricycle frame of approximately 16 that came from his workshop.

Frame production stopped in 2000.

Approximately ten solo tricycles were made using Barry’s own axle designs, and a further six using Rogers axles.
One tandem tricycle was built.

Barry’s ingenious engineering solutions enabled him to vary designs and utilise a variety of materials and stock parts – mainly bearings, either cup and cone or journal.

His favoured axle designed employed the ‘morse taper’ with a keyway. Hubs were turned from hardened aluminium billets on his lathe.

Axles with hexagon ends were made to fit stock Rogers hubs.
Two Two-Wheel-Drive axles were made using Sachs block bodies for the double freewheel.

Tricycle frames were constructed with lugs. Barry made lugs himself to suit non-stock angles.

All machines were spray painted at Stow.

Original owners of these bespoke machines include:
Ted Bays (2)
Hilda Butler
Keith Collingwood
Mick Frow.
Pete Gifford
Steve Greenwood (TWD)
G. Jones (‘531’ with a Rogers axle)
Mick (?) Postlethwaite
Paul Potter (‘531’)
Dave Sanderson
John Shipley
Ellis Smith (2)
Dave Winter

Information supplied by Martin Purser

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