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Axles – Harden-Biggs

Harden-Biggs Conversion Axle – late 1950s
In the Tricycle Association Gazette Christmas 1959, David Duffield, who represented the Association at the funeral of the late T.J.Biggs, wrote, “I understand that he was quite an inventive genius of mechanical oddments. I did see a marvellous conversion axle he designed, the top ‘hanger’ tube and brackets to the axle were made of alloy, with the axle shafts exposed, rather like on a children’s tricycle. It had annular bearings and a hub-brake, I believe it was to take gears and the differential to the drive shaft was a masterpiece, the drive shafts being easily taken apart. The hub spoking was ingenious, radial spokes on the outer flange and tangent spokes on the inner flange, which was larger than the outside flange. I understand he built wheels like this for many great riders in the past. It was the lightest conversion axle I have ever handled!”

Found by Martin Purser, written by David Duffield.

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