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Axles – Paulson

Chris Paulson designed his own tricycle axle, and built it into approximately 10 solo frames during the middle years of the 1980s.

These machines were advertised in the T. A. Gazette: Christmas 1983; Spring 1984; Summer 1984; Autumn 1984; Christmas 1984; Summer 1985; Autumn 1985; and Christmas 1985.


The framesets and axle casings were built in 531, and ‘finished’ by Chris Paulson at his premises in Rochdale.

The axle shafts (EN8 steel), hubs and gear boss were turned in sets at a nearby engineering workshop.

The hubs and gear boss have an internal thread that screw onto a shoulder on the shaft adjacent to the bearing housings.

A ‘flat’ is machined on the shafts between the threaded shoulder and the bearing housing. This ‘flat’ is approximately 11/8 inch across, and will accept a suitable bottom bracket spanner. This feature facilitates easier wheel and boss tightening or removal.

The hubs screw onto the shafts, and are then locked in place by a track nut on the end.

The bearings are stock sized journal ball races, housed in adjustable cups.

Original braking was through a Weinmann cantilever brazed to the rear of the fork blades, and either a centre pull or a side pull calliper to the front of the fork crown.

One Chris Paulson tandem tricycle was built.

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