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Axles – Thompson

Andy Thompson of the Thompson Bicycle Company of Huddersfield used a version of a tricycle axle designed by Eric Tremaine in 1980 and shown in this copy of his original drawing.Tremaine-Original-Drawing

The main features of this axle are:

1. One Wheel Drive (left)
2. Journal Bearings

Thompson Journal Bearing

3. Square Parallel Ends to the shafts – same dimensions as cotterless bottom bracket axles.Thompson Shaft End

4. The block boss screwed onto the drive shaft.
5. Hubs threaded to accept cotterless crank extractor tool to facilitate quick and easy wheel removal.Thompson Hub Extractor

6. The derailleur gear mechanism hanger brazed to the right hand axle casing inner bearing housing, which, together with a narrow “cage” around the block, places the jockey wheels and block closer together, making for better gear changes.

A number of the axles still exist, but not in their original frames. They were originally fitted toThompson Trikes. Use this link or go to Trike Frames in the menu to read the short and very chequered history of the Thompson Trke Frame.

Contributed by and with thanks to:

Dave Hardy
Mick Madgett
Martin Purser
Clifford and Eric Tremaine
Dave Wright

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