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The TJ tricycle axle was made from Reynolds 531 with a width of 26 ins. between the wheel centres. A special lightweight axle was available with lighter tubing, titanium shafts, and an alloy block boss.

The steel drive shaft ran in double-sealed, deep groove, maintenance-free bearings, retained by circlips’ and wave washers were used to keep correct thrust on the bearings, and then locked with 6mm AK studs.

In the nearside drive hub was a female morse taper that tightened onto the hardened steel drive shaft male morse taper cone, which relieved the drive pressure on the 1/8th square keyway.

The off side hub, with sealed bearings inside, ran on a stub shaft.

Five, six, or seven speed freewheels could be accommodated; the block boss being attached to the drive shaft in the same way as the drive wheel.

The large or small flange alloy hubs came in 24, 28, 32, 36, and 40 hole drillings; and could be anodised to order.

TJ Cycles Conve…ion axle003

The Conversion Axles were attached to a bicycle frame by fixing lugs that were bolted to the rear drop-outs. Telescopic seat stays were bolted to lugs at the axle ends, and the seat pin bolt.

Stock colour was white, but other stove-enamelled colours were available to order.

Delivery on axle units was 14 days.

The cost of the units was £75 in 1982.

SPARES: there are still a few hubs available from TJ cycles.

Trevor Jarvis likes to keep track of these special frames and axles. If you have one that you feel may not be registered with Trevor, please contact him at the address at the top of the page.

A history of TJ Cycles may be found on their website .

This page was researched by Martin Purser and Chris Hewitt, together with
advice from Trevor Jarvis.

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