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Axles – Trykit

A brief history

Trykit Conversions was formed in January 2002 after considerable interest in a two wheel drive cassette conversion I made for my Jack Taylor trike. I also designed a better gear hanger bracket to improve the gear change with indexed gears.

Initially 10 cassette bodies we made to test the market, these were rapidly snapped up and a further, modified batch made.

The first 10 had four pawls in each side, set at half a pitch out to the 16 internal body splines, to halve the take up backlash when one wheel tried to spin.

All subsequent models have three pawls each side driving together with 27 internal splines. This is a better balanced design with a self centering action to the pawn holders.

As time has gone by I have made small modifications to the bodies, and now have a Mk 4 design for the Shimano version which will accept an 11 tooth top gear sprocket. The Campagnolo body is still the Mk 3 as it is not possible to make it accept the 11 sprocket.

Hollow axles are also available and save about 9 ounces weight compared to the equivalent Longstaff solid design.

Eventually I was asked to make some hubs for Higgins axles and now keep a small stock of hubs for them and also Longstaff machines.

Information supplied by Trykit’s owner and TA stalwart, Geoff Booker.

Further details can be found on the website:

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