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Frames – Jack Taylor

• Jack Taylor started building cycles in his green shed on Greta Road, Norton, Stockton on Tees, in 1936.
• There are four Taylor brothers – Jack, Tom, Norman, and Ken.
• In 1945 Jack Taylor Cycles was formed as a business at Church Road, Stockton on Tees, with Ken and Norman joining Jack.
• Norman mainly did the frame building. Both lugged and lugless bronze welded frames were produced. Lugs were in short supply after the war, and so the frames were bronze welded from necessity. Bronze welded frames benefit from being slightly lighter; and a greater range of angles is available.
• Jack mainly did the frame finishing with the legendary box lining.
• Ken mainly assembled the cycles, built the wheels and was in charge of shipment.
• Many Jack Taylor cycles – mainly solo bicycles and tandem bicycles but including at least one trike frame – were exported to the United States of America.
• Of the estimated 10,000 frames built, approximately 70 were tricycles

Jack Taylor Trike Frame• Estimated numbers of tricycles with a conventional configuration using Higgins, and then later, Rogers axles, would be about 60.

Tandem Trike 002• Very few tandem tricycles were produced. The whereabouts of two are known. This is the rear of one in the course of refurbishment.

Jack Taylor Kendrick• Tricycles built with two-wheels-to-the-front number about 10.

• All tricycles were built at the factory at Church Road.
• The first Jack Taylor tricycle was built in 1957 using a Higgins axle.
• The factory closed in 1990.
• Norman continued building these prestigious frames at Greta Road until 2004 when ill health forced a stop to production.

Further research is ongoing, and will be posted on completion.

Compiled by Dave Hardy, with assistance from Miss Frobisher and Martin Purser.

Fresh from the Antipodes, Hugh Wilson has sent me this photo from Australia of the only triplet trike that Jack Taylors made. 

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