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J. Dudley Daymond

A.R.M. (Blob) Harbour 1903-1983

Leonard Wishart died 1977

Alec Glass I.S.O. 1906-1981

H.W. (Sammy) Bartleet died 1943

George Herbert Stancer O.B.E. 1888-1962

Alfred Layzell 1907-1979

Charles Edmund Green 1907-1979

Oscar Dover 1906-1978

Vernon H. Smith died 1976

Gerry N. Ashcroft died 1971

Lewis Morris died 1974

Arthur Ross Maddox 1925-1975

Allan Littlemore 1910-1993

A.E.C. (Ted) Harrison 1916-1992

Ronald Arthur Ward 1919-1996

Stanley Percy Vivian Bray 1919-1992

Bernard Rosen 1933-1999

George Lawrie 1913-2002

Bob Beckett 1906-2002

Stan Tuffnell 1915-2007

Tommy Thompson 1939-2007

William Charles (Bill) Finch 1935-2008

Michael Edward Moorish (Mick) Davey 1930-2010

Patrick (Pat) Kenny 1939-2011

Dorothy F. M. Tuffnell 1920-2012

John Francis Arnold 1929-3013

Arthur Comer 1922-2013

Leslie Edward Lowe 1931-2013

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Calendar Notes

For Diary Dates beyond those displayed, in the past or future, click on 'View Calendar', then Events can be filtered according the Category. These accumulate so one can filter for South Western Time Trials by choosing 'South West Event' and 'Time Trial' but remember to close filters down by choosing the Filter again before another filter. Dates in the Past or Future can be accessed by clicking on the '<' or '>' either side of the Month display.