We were stunned to hear of the death of Ian Mackenzie yesterday (11th December) with Motor Neurone disease. Our condolences and love to his wife Vivienne and his family.

Ian’s funeral will take place at Southend Crematorium, we have no detail of date or time and assume that it is a family only occasion. Memories and photos can be left on the Funeral Director’s website: Ian William Mackenzie, Obituary – Funeral Guide and a virtual candle lit in his memory.


  1. Just seen this and am utterly gutted. Ian was my minute man on so many TTs and we’d battle till the last inch. He was my inspiration in terms of sheer will and determination and that never, ever give up way he had. My thoughts, condolences and love to his family at what will be an unimaginable loss. He was one of the first trikes I met – a hard racing man and always, always a true gentleman I greatly respected and admired.

  2. Just so you are aware, Dad had suspected motor neurones disease and spent a short time in hospital before passing away from pneumonia.
    He loved cycling and his tricycle. If you want to get in contact then please email

    1. Thanks Richard,
      Along with many others in the TA, I was stunned to hear of Ian’s death. He was a great chap and so useful in the Region, my sincere commiserations to you and all the family.
      If you could let me know funeral arrangements then that would be good, though I don’t know whether many would be able to attend.

      Martin Badham (Tricycle Association Webmaster, and Eastern Region Secretary)

      1. We are just finalising funeral arrangements but with the current covid situation it is very limiting.
        When covid is over we are planning to hold a celebration of dads life.
        I will post when we have finalised arrangements but unfortunately it is invite only. We are setting up a donations page where we will be supporting MNDA and prostate Cancer.

  3. Stunned to hear this, Ian was a real asset to our community.ll sympathy to you and your family.
    Any help that can be given is willingly offered, Richard.
    My phone number is 01787 377060

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