Jane and Mark  did 347.95
Jim Hopper  345.30
David Stokes  282.75
The other tandem  322.19
Our other charge Richard Hull  376
George Berwick  264.16
Oh and new 24 hour National Champion did a staggering  537.35.
Andy Wilkinson enthusiastically applauded this award as he did for Lynne Biddulph who did 412.45







Wilko with Steve Abraham replying to what he thinks of his event record being broken – a provisional 537 !








11:28 – Steve Abraham passing Jim Hopper:







It started raining at 3 am and there still a bit of dampness to be had. The Willesden scorchers have 250 miles under their wheels as of 6:30 am. Spirits were raised by one of Peter’s special bacon sandwiches.

Jim Hopper still riding strongly as is Richard Hull.


17:12 –  Peter, Just fed and watered J & M whilst changing J’s saddle to a conventional rather than Adamo. Gave bottle to Richard Hull who we are sharing feeding with.

One rider lost a couple of front teeth and kept on riding !

IMG_1089 IMG_1093







15:36 – Both tandem trike riders doing well and pressing on. So far they have had a puncture, a wrecked front tyre and a front wheel change.

George Berwick’s tandem captain unwell so George here on a folding bike. I decided this was not good enough so leant him my winter carbon bike with super hub Dynamo. Peter Faulks kindly drove me to get two inches cut off seat pin so it fitted George.

Glad Peter is here, just like the End to End record and we are now settling into feeding.

Van is parked at Prees for the duration.

Cheers Adrian



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