Roy Canning has heard from John’s friend Tim Wardlow, the sad news that that John Healey passed away on last Sunday night. John Healey as you know has been a member of the TA for many years and is well loved by all that knew him. He is noted for his rides in the Isle of Man

The news this evening after Roy and the South Eastern Region had said goodbye to Owen Harden today at his funeral was a shock enough. Roy rang John on Sunday night to tell him that he had arranged a lift for him to the SE Luncheon, did not get through to him and left a message but he rang back at about 6:45. He did not get Roy but left a message saying he had a problem and said no more. It seems he was at one of his boot fair sales during the day but he did not feel well and went home. A friend who was with him was concerned and, later in the evening, went into his house  and he was found dead in bed. They think he had an aneurysm that burst.

John’s Funeral Details:

Date: 29th November at 2:00 pm

Place: Thamesview Crematorium, Gravesend Road, Shorne, Kent DA12 JH.


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