The Kingston Phoenix Trike event in memory of Frank Cubis is on 7th April on the course G10/42. So far there are 5 entries but more would be very welcome. 

Entries are on-line via the CTT website and also by post. Closing date is 28th March.


  1. The start sheet for the Kingston Phoenix Open is now published.
    Joining the 71 riders in the “Pete Mitchell Memorial open 10” are 7 Barrow Boys in the “Frank Cubis Memorial 10”. Prize money for Men Women and the Trikes are equal as the club want this event to become and event that will grow in stature and become a season opener for those classes.The original start sheet has been corrected by the transfer of 108 & 109 to the bike event as they couldn’t count their wheels!
    The Trike start sheet is
    Number Start Time Name Club
    101 1631 Andrew Avis Kingston Phoenix RC
    102 1632 Chris Wright Alton CC/Owens Cycles
    103 1633 Richard Bailey Redhill CC
    104 1634 Ralph Dadswell Antelope Racing Team
    105 1635 Mike Marchant Southdown Velo
    106 1636 Mark Vowells CC Bexley
    107 1637 Lez Young Lincoln Wheelers CC

    Your scribe (off at 101) should be a good Hare for the faster riders to catch. (or I am sorry if I get in the way).
    There is as usual plenty of cakes and tea at the HQ afterwards. So come on cheer the guys on and give this event your support.

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