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Under the provisions of Rule 12 Honorary Life Membership may be conferred on a member in recognition of outstanding services to the Association, which shall entitle him/her to all the facilities of the Association.


Life Member Elected Citation
A.H. Glass I.S.O. (died 1981) 1951 Founder of the Association
L. Wishart (died 1977) 1951 Secretary 1944 to 1947. Editor 1946 to 1948. Revived interest in the Association during the difficult war years
G.E. Lawrie (died 2002) 1955 For exceptionally long and efficient service as National Time Trial Secretary 1941 to 1992
A. Littlemore (died 1993) 1955 For exceptionally long and efficient service as North Western Regional Secretary
L. Morris (died 1974) 1960 For excellent service as National Treasurer 1953 to 1966. Gazette Editor 1951 to 1966
O. Dover (died 1978) 1966 For Outstanding service to the Association in the North Western Region
E. Tremaine 1982 For outstanding services to the Association. National Secretary 1969 to 1973, 1979 to 1981. President 1981
R.A. Ward (died 1996) 1982 For outstanding services to the Association and Thames Valley Region. National Captain 1953 to 1958, 1961 to 1981. President 1982 to 1984. National Chairman 1982 to 1989
A.E.C. Harrison (died 1992) 1985 For Outstanding services to the Association. Captain 1943 to 1947. President 1984 to 1987
T. Thompson (died 2007) 1996 For exceptional service in the North Eastern Region
W. Finch (died 2008) 1996 For outstanding service to the Association Nationally and in the South East Region      
D. Tuffnell (Mrs) 1997 Founder of the Women’s Tricycle Association. National Secretary 1983 to 1986. National President 1993 to 1996
John Lewis 2017  
Chris Hewitt 2017  
Martin Purser 2017  
Alison Purser (Mrs) 2017  

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