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British Library UK Web Archive For archived copies of the former website type tricycleinto the search box.

Tricyclist’s Forum and Blogs of Interest

The web address for the “on3wheels” forum has changed. The old address is still active but anything now posted there is not uploaded to the new forum. New forum address is:-

Old Address (archive):
Chris in Denmark –

Legends of the Time Trial now displays details of record holders at all standard distances for Men, Women, Veteran Men and Women, Tandems and TRICYCLISTS. Many famous and infamous trikies are included.

I have been contacted by Alain Séjourné, who has a collection of cycles, including a 1995 Longstaff tricycle. He has an interesting collection, visible on his website




British Cycling

British Human Power Club – BHPC events.

Cycling Time Trials – Wherin can be found the latest entry forms, details of events past and future and many other gems. 

The Tandem Club

Cyclists Touring Club

Road Records Association

Midland RRA

Audax UK

Surrey Sussex Group Veteran Time Trial Association

A cycling activity group of classic, veteran and vintage cycle owners in Bexhill, East Sussex interested in classic bicycles, tricycles and tandems and attired in Edwardian vintage clothes for nostalgic events.

The Bexhill Classic Cycle Group associated with The Bexhill Museum and Bexhill Wheelers have asked added a link to this website, and have asked for the compliment to be reciprocated. There are several tricycles in their area and we both could benefit from the links.

Dagworth and District Gentlemen’s Cycling Society

Veteran-Cycle Club

Long Sutton & District Veteran Cycle Club

Forty Plus CC

Fellowship of Cycling Oldtimers

National Cycle Collection

Spares and Tricycle Friendly Cycle Shops

Chris Hewitt, I Coleswood Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 1EF. Telephone 01582 763622.
No Website but see Higgins-Rogers-Spares.

Madgetts Cycles of Diss

Electric Dragon Cycles based near Corwen in North Wales.
We are primarily an E-Bike store where we encourage people to test our range of demonstrator bikes on our private tarmac drive.
As we have a disabled son who rides a Trike  we also have a keen interest in 3 wheels! We always have a Trike demonstrator available.
The demo Trike is currently a ‘Batribike 20’. We also have my sons old non electric powered Trike which is a 27’ wheel 60’s Trike conversion.

Get your tricycles ready from

Copperleaf Business Park
CT10 3AT

Phone: 07399 640 115 (Mon-Sat 9am-5pm)




Longstaff Cycles have been hand made in Staffordshire England since 1982. Specialising in traditional hand built steel custom bicycles, tricycles and tandems

Founded by George Longstaff we continue the tradition of high quality, fillet brazed and lugged bicycle, tricycle and tandem frames.

Since 2018 Jason Rourke is now the head framebuilder. Bev Longstaff has decided to explore new ventures as Brian Rourke Cycles and Longstaff Cycles have always had a good relationship with mutual respect, Jason took over the brand. He had been helping out recently so it was a natural progression to take over and begin a new chapter in the Longstaff brand.

01782 703 953
07470 513344
Longstaff Cycles We now operate from Rourke Cycles
194 Waterloo Road, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. ST6 3HF

Roman Road Cycles is no longer trading, although the website is still operating for those interested. Derek Shackles died January 2019. 


Geoff Booker at Trykit Conversions

Geoff    Booker,    director,    has    over    40 years   experience   in   precision   tool   and mould making. In   2002   he   formed   Trykit   Conversions Ltd   as   a   part   time   hobby   business   to convert    older    tricycles    and    tandem tricycles,    from    single    wheel    drive    to two   wheel   drive,   using   a   purpose   built cassette    body.    This    cassette    body    is Geoff’s   own   design   and   made   by   him in   the   workshop.   The   success   of   this unit   eventually   led   to   the   building   of complete   frames,   fully   built   tricycles,   tandem   tricycles,   and   conversion   axles. Trykit   also   undertakes   repairs,   modifications   and   refurbishing   of   other   makes of tricycle. He   commenced   riding   and   racing   tricycles   in   1998   and   has regularly   ridden   and raced them ever since. Geoff   has   been   working   at   Trykit   part   time   from   2002   to   2007   and   full   time thereafter. There is always a strong demand for his services. 








+44 (0)1844 339451 email

For children, disabled/special needs, folding and utility trikes try
Mission Cycles

Recent contact from TrikeZilla in Minneapolis, which may be of interest to our American Builders of trike conversions and front wheel driven trikes.

Another American manufacturer who has contacted us is

A Danish correspondent informs us of a tricycle manufacturer in Denmark that may be of interest: Jørn Iversen

Jorvik Tricycles – are based  in York, Their mission is to bring the enjoyment of cycling to everyone. They have a range of adult tricycles to suit all budgets and abilities.

Pendle Bike Racks Recent correspondence has brought to our attention a supplier of racks designed for carrying tricycles by car: –  pbr presenter




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