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Higgins & Rogers Spares

CHRIS HEWITT CYCLES – Bicycle, Tricycle and Tandem Specialist
1 Coleswood Road, Harpenden, Herts. AL5 1EF. Tel. (01582) 763622 April 2016
List of spares for Higgins & Ken Rogers tricycles. (Also fit Bob Jackson, Jack Taylor & other tricycles built with Higgins/Rogers axles). All prices include v.a.t., p&p extra.

Stock Spares Each
Short inner cone – Precision made and case hardened £12.60
Diff. inner cone ” “ £14.50
Long outer cone ” “ £15.00
Adjustable cup – thick wall cups – Thun, Tange, etc. £4.00
– thin wall cups – TDC, Bayliss Whiley, Brampton, etc. £7.00
Lockring – 2 notch (outer cups) 4 notch (inner cups) £2.00/2.50
Note: Axle cone seatings machined to suit wall thickness of cups originally fitted. Higgins, Taylor and early Rogers/Jackson tricycles would have been fitted with thin wall cups, later Rogers & Jackson tricycles have been fitted with thick wall cups.
¼” ball bearings – standard cycle quality (Grade 1000) (11 balls per cup) set £0.44
¼” ball bearings – carbon-chrome steel (Grade 100)(11 balls per cup) set £0.88
Journal bearing – standard 1 5/16″ × ⅜” (33.4 × 9.5mm) £11.10
Journal bearing – self aligning 1 5/16″ × ⅜” (33.4 × 9.5mm) £17.50
Pressed metal dust cover for journal bearing £4.50
Double-spring retaining washer for dust cover on journal bearing axle with taper hexagon hubs £1.50
Tapered collar for journal bearing axle with parallel hex. Hubs £5.00
Tandem tricycle inner cone £16.00
Tandem tricycle outer cone £15.50
Tandem tricycle adjustable cup (for 3/16″ balls) £10.00
3/16″ ball bearings – chrome steel (15 balls per cup) set £1.20
Rogers s/f alloy hubs – 28, 32, 36 or 40H – parallel hex – as available £22.00
Rogers s/f alloy tandem tricycle hubs – 32, 36 or 40H – para. hex – as available £30.00
Higgins s/f steel hubs – 32, 36 or 40H – parallel hex. (type ’53) or taper hex – rechromed – as available £30.00
Higgins l/f steel hubs – 32, 36 or 40H parallel hex. (type ’53) or taper hex. – rechromed – as available £35.00
Drive boss – for gears – taper hex. or parallel hex. – Steel (as available) £30.00
ditto in alloy £40.00
Drive boss – for fixed – taper hex. or parallel hex. – Steel (as available) £33.00
ditto in alloy £43.00
Front brake extension bar – braze-on – ¼” Whit. thread for period side-pull and centre-pull brakes, GB etc. £5.00
Front brake extension bar – braze-on – M6 thread for modern dual-pivot brakes £5.00
Long nut for drive boss ⅜” × 26tpi (s/s) £8.50
Track nut for hub – Gripfast ⅜” × 26tpi £1.25
Gear hanger – standard Higgins / Rogers –18mm from top to c/l of boss hole £7.50
Gear hanger – superior Higgins type (s/s) – 21.5mm from top to c/l of boss hole £15.00
Gear hanger – superior quality Rogers pattern – 15.5mm from top to c/l of boss hole £16.50
Gear hanger – for indexed gear system (7-10 speed) £18.50
Gear hanger boss bolt 5/16″ × 26tpi & washer £0.75
Light alloy eccentric bottom bracket unit £45.00
Higgins differential pinion pin cap £9.00
Higgins differential pinion pin (hardened steel) – short £2.25
or long pin £3.00
Rogers transfer set £21.50
Higgins transfers & badges – see separate list
Hub puller – for steel hubs £7.50
Hub puller – for alloy hubs tool for hire only £5.00 plus carriage charges
Tecalemit grease nipple 3/16″ BSF (Selection of other  grease nipples and oilers in stock) £3.50
Trykit Higgins / Rogers hubs – 28, 32, 36 or 40H £38.00
Trykit 1wd adaptor for Shimano cassette body (7 – 10 speed) £38.00
Available to Order (carriage charges extra)
Axle shafts – owd or diff – driver or idler for solo tricycle for parallel or taper hex hubs c £60.00
Axle shafts – owd or diff – driver or idler for tandem tricycle c £70.00
Wheel truing stub axle – parallel or taper hex – solo or tandem c £25.00
Longstaff and Pashley tricycle spares
Trykit Conversions Ltd. cassette drive systems
Note – When ordering replacement axle, please send original if possible.
CHC Specials
Front fork lamp boss alloy stud for modern handlebar-fitting battery front lights
– with imperial AK bolt (5/16″ × 26tpi) S/S £10.00
– with metric AK bolt (M8) BZP £8.50
Front fork lamp boss alloy spacer and bolt for modern dynamo front lights
bolt head drilled and tapped for light fixing bolt (M5)
– with imperial (5/16″ × 26tpi) or metric (M8) bolt £12.00
Tricycle twin front brake spacer kit / assembly – see separate list
Bulbs and lenses – we have accumulated a large selection of battery and dynamo bulbs (2.3v, 2.5v, 3.5v, 5v, 6v and 8v) and rear lamp lenses for period and veteran cycles. Bulbs £1 each, lenses £3 to £5 each. Please enquire regarding your particular needs.
CHC Publications
‘Tricycling Choice’ by Chris Hewitt £5.00 plus £1.50 p&p
‘The Story of A.J. Hodge and his Cycles’ by Chris Hewitt £6.75 plus £2.00 p&p
‘Register of Higgins Cycles’- 3rd Edition – by Chris Hewitt £6.00 plus £2.00 p&p
(If you have a Higgins cycle that has not yet been registered, please complete and return a registration form. Forms are available either by post from Chris Hewitt Cycles, or by downloading a form from the website. All forms should be returned by post).
Selection of used cycling books, catalogues and maps available. See separate list.
Parts and Accessories
Large selection of period and modern cycle parts and accessories in stock. Please enquire regarding your particular needs.

April 2016
Please ring for further information and details.
Monday to Saturday 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm
Chris Hewitt. 01582 763622. Harpenden.


To detach diff. body for change of sprockets etc., unscrew the offside outer cup and lockring and pull shaft out. In the case of multi freewheel it may be necessary to withdraw the nearshaft similarly. The diff. body has flats (1.450″) for actual removal of cogs etc.
When replacing shafts hold the inner end of the cone protruding through the inner cup with a cone spanner and rotate the shaft until the slot in the back of the cone is engaged on the flats on the shaft. The adjustment of the inner cups and lock rings need not necessarily be disturbed. The diff. unit should be located so that no endplay exists*, whilst avoiding any end pressure being applied to the diff. unit by the axle shafts. All housings are righthand thread. (On Higgins owd axles, very occasionally l/h thread was used, i.e. fixed cup fitted).
The detachment of freewheel from the diff. body requires special tools, and these cannot be made at an economic price for resale. A service is available for this job at £7.50 plus return postage. Whilst every care is taken we cannot accept responsibility for any damage to freewheels.
It is recommended that freewheels that require splined removal tools are fitted to differentials to enable easier removal. * (This applies in particular to earlier models with tapered hexagon engagement).

Hub Brakes

On re-assembly make sure that the cover plate is properly engaged on the fulcrum bush. To centralise the shoes tighten the pivot bolt nut while brake is held “ON”. If in doubt, write to Chris Hewitt Cycles.
Hub brake re-lining service available – details on request.

Chris Hewitt Cycles

Chris Hewitt Cycles – Cycles for Sale

Tricycles £ Code
 Please ring for details of Higgins and Rogers Tricycles currently for sale or wanted, as stock is constantly changing.
 22″ Falcon Black Diamond 501 Sports/Holdsworth OWD conversion set.  Fully refurbished.

New wheels, tyres, tubes and transmission complete with original wheel sets and transmission, if required for conversion back to bicycle.  As tricycle 8-speed, as bicycle 10-speed.

 Could split  –  the above less Falcon bicycle  450.00
 21″ Singer Ladies Tricycle – Frame only (c1900).  Complete axle assembly, but no hubs or front forks.  Possible renovation project or for donor parts.  100.00
 Pair of Longstaff tricycle wheels.  700x36H Mavic Module 3 rims on Longstaff hubs.
 Plain 14G s/s spokes. 700x32C Michelin World Tour tyres.  Matching front wheel with Zeus l/f hub.                                                                             Set of three wheels.  150.00
New Old Stock Bicycles
15″ × 24″ Coventry-Eagle Tropicana Girls ATB 6-speed, red/green (1991) 90.00
Classic Lightweights
21 3/4 ” Tonard Road Bicycle (c1980s); Yellow/ white panel to D/tube, fastback seatstay tops 700 x 36H; q/r Campagnolo sprint wheels, , Shimano front mech, GB Courier 66 Brakes, SR Maxi Double chainset. 200.00
Good Condition Used (Require Servicing)
18″ × 24″ Raleigh Ladies Mixte Sports, 5-speed, white (1980s) 50.00 CH57
20½”Townsend Manhattan Ladies 12-speed hybrid (1990s) 35.00
20″ G. Stokes “Speed with ease” Ladies 531 (c1999) Tourist SA 5 speed/ 25×1¼” wheels; GB Synchron Brakes (VGC) 175.00 JO1
19½” Ridgeback “Meteor” 27 SPP Hybrid (VGC) 175.00 JO2
Cycles for Restoration
24″ Elswick Ladies Loop Frame bicycle (c1920s).  28×1 1/2″ Westwood wheels(rear rim buckled).  Single speed.  Black with red lining. 45.00
23″ BSA Gents tourist bicycle (c1948).  Original green enamel with gold box lining(fair).  26×1 1/4″ wheels.  BSA 3-speed hub gear. 50.00
Junior Cycles (Require Servicing)
16″ × 20″ Rudge ‘Maidmarion’ Girls Junior cycle, blue, very original (1950s) 40.00 CH35
Triumph Violet Girls, blue, 16″ wheel (1980s) 40.00 CH32
Raleigh Rodeo Boys, blue, 20″ wheel (1960s) 30.00 CH34
16″ × 20″ Triumph Girls Junior cycle, blue (1960s) 30.00 C34
Junior Cycles for Restoration
Unknown Junior Tricycle, red, plate forks, 16½” solid tyres (1950s) 35.00 C30
Unknown Junior Tricycle, blue, 16½” solid tyres (1950s) 35.00 C31
Unknown Junior Tricycle, 14 x 1⅜” wheels, metal boot (1950s) 20.00 C32
25″ Sun Solo Frameset, mid-blue. VGC. 40.00 CH54
24½” Peugeot Elan Frameset, dark blue. VGC. 40.00 CH07
Halfords Easyrider Small Wheel Frameset (1970s).  Refinished in blue/transfers. 50.00
22½” Dawes Galaxy 531 Frameset. 1964. Original black finish and transfers.
Fair condition.
 Stock Clearance
 New Greentyres,  EverReady Nightrider & Nightguard lamps, Assorted steel Maes bars & dropped handlebar sets,  Weinmann brake levers with extensions,  Assorted used wheels – 26×1 1/4″,  26X1 3/8″, 27×1 1/4″, ATB,  Assorted NOS junior steel rims & wheels, ‘Barts. 1/2″ & OS 1″ maps.   Please ring for further information or to advise your requirements.
Business Hours: Monday to Saturday 10.00am to 1.00pm and 3.30pm to 6.30pm.
Workshop open for visitors most Saturdays and weekday afternoons. Please ring to confirm availability. Chris Hewitt. 01582 763622. Harpenden.

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