Barry Charlton added another 50 mile victory at the weekend with 1:54:11. He was within a minute of Glenn Longland’s Competition record of 1:53:13. Keep it up Barry, you’re very close.

Jim Hopper, event secretary adds the following comment:

Thanks to the BDCA for allowing me to run the event in front of their 50 mile event, especially Jack Hugill, the promoter of their event

Also thanks to the timekeepers, Sue Bowler and Iris Stevens, to John Stewart for doing the handicaps, Pete Dougherty for the result board, the catering ladies, the people out on the course making sure that all went well on the day and of course all those who I have not mentioned, but who did their part.

The weather, although there was a brisk westerly wind, was sunny and warm and this helped us all on the return leg.

It is anticipated that the event will be run again in 2016.

The results have been added to the 2015 page.


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