The 100% record of tricycles starting and finishing in 24 hour time trials this year was sealed when Jim Hopper (Derby Mercury) and Dave Stokes (Musselburgh RC) completed the Mersey RC 24 in benign, if eventually rather hot, conditions. Stokes twiddled his accustomed tiny gears for a provisional total of 301.57 miles, while Hopper, unexpectedly stuck in one chainwheel for the duration, covered 355.54 mls.

Jim Hopper - Mersey Roads 24 David Stokes - Mersey Roads 24

On the same weekend the East Sussex Cycling Association issued the final result sheet for their event on 21/22 June which can be found in full at  

Revised distances for the tricyclists are : Peter Holland 320.71, Jane Moore 312.09, Caroline Nye 237.12 while Andrew Nye’s distance is unchanged at 260.15.




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